Everything In View

Create any arrangement of web content you'd like, and save it for later.

Download Arranged for Mac today.

Free Download Download on the Mac App Store Limited to 3 open pages

Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

Everything in an arrangement is saved for later with ⌘S. Open pages will be restored to that layout: Every URL, position, size, and scrollbar is saved.

Keyboard Friendly

With full keyboard shortcut support, everything is at your fingertips: Split a page (⌘D), resize a page (⌘+ and ⌘-), and switch modes (⌘E) quickly.

Two Modes, Infinite Possibilities

In Edit Mode, set up your arrangement: Split any window vertically or horizontally, drag & drop local content or links, resize pages, and navigate web content.

In View Mode, browse your arrangement: Distractions are out of the way. Content is front and center. Clicking on links will open them in your default web browser for further browsing.

Works Great With Your Browser

Arranged complements your default web browser (such as Safari or Chrome). Create an arrangement to keep an eye on the best parts of favorite sites, build a custom status board, put feeds side-by-side, and much more.

Included in the full version of Arranged for Mac